Space was just an abstraction around me
Until I felt its hands
On my throat, choking me down
I tried my best to counter with a frown
Space spread its arms and beautifully bound me
I guess you could say it found me
It raised me up and flattened me like the sands

I made love to space as I would to a woman
I went all tense inside it
And found release and ease
Oh peace!
I felt I would always make
Love to a woman
As I would to space

I have always been in love with space
But not so much with time
As my life has gathered pace
It has lost its rhythm, or rhyme
There is not space enough for embrace
There is no gesture adequate for a sign

I crave more space and nothing of time
Bounding on in a blinding race
Running bleakly
Through ragged ways

At the bottom of the ocean I know a place
Far, far away from sunshine’s rays
A little to the left, within the slime
Where days dig deeper as if they were grace
And moments unfold, as if all of time