Bleeding is a must
Whether at first thrust
Or the monthly instalment to repay
On the debt of life

One must bleed from cuts, gashes and the violence
Of the unjust
The heart in silence
But the wound must turn the colour of rust

Everyone bleeds
Everyone weeps blood
Everyone trusts

And all the bleeding one can do
All the blood that must burst
From veins and pipes and eyes
And mouth

Turns into a river of red
That pumps into all human hearts
An ocean that connects us all

And who can say they alone
Are just?
Who by themselves can claim a lust
For life?

This blood is primordial
Mother and wife
Gaia, Eve, Shakti, Earth

Do you imagine it’s just
A liquid commodity
Sold by type?

Bleed, for it’s an act
Of the spirit
That keeps us alive